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Beware of Spam Emails and Fake Internet Pharmacies: Choose a Reputable Online Drugstore like

online pharmacy safety

September 27, 2013

Far too many Americans are faced with huge obstacles in obtaining the medications they need at affordable prices. As revealed in a previous report, millions of Americans are unable to purchase their prescription drugs due to high prices, a statistic that has steadily increased over the past decade. The high cost of medicine in the United States has made many people desperate for alternative sources. Unfortunately, there are illicit operations that take advantage of this by sending spam emails and links to fake "Canada pharmacy" websites. These scam groups will pose as legitimate online pharmacies, only to distribute drugs of questionable origin in exchange for your money.

Recently, a court case in Moscow uncovered one of the largest networks of virus-infected computers that send spam emails, or "spambots." The New York Times reports that this major spambot program infected computers all over the globe, sending emails that advertised Viagra and similar drugs with links to a so-called "Canadian pharmacy," although these were in fact Russian-based companies with possible ties to criminal organizations that are not affiliated with any Canadian pharmacies. According to Stefan Savage, a University of California professor deeply involved in the study of this spambot, their sales made up "about a fifth of the $300 million global industry of selling fake drugs online."

It is vital for customers to learn how to protect themselves from such disreputable sites and only purchase from a trustworthy online drugstore. Fortunately, it is easy to identify scam pharmacies and avoid them. Legitimate international and Canadian pharmacy websites will never send you spam email advertising a specific drug like Viagra. Bogus pharmacy operations will also offer to sell you Rx drugs without requiring a prescription, but reliable international and Canadian pharmacies online will never do this.

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