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Get Eliquis from a Canadian Pharmacy for Cheaper

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August 23, 2022
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Each year, nearly 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke.

This makes commonly-prescribed blood-thinning medications such as Eliquis and Xarelto vitally important.

But even though these medications are widely used and important to health, they aren’t always affordable.

For example, Eliquis and Xarelto, popular blood thinners, are extremely expensive–especially for American patients.

American patients taking just one tablet per day of Eliquis can expect to pay $322.00 per month for the medication – and for patients who take two per day, the monthly cost is doubled.

Luckily, there’s a solution: buying Eliquis online through a Canadian pharmacy.

If you need to buy Eliquis online and you have a valid prescription, sourcing Eliquis from an international or Canadian pharmacy via can help you save up to 61% on the cost.

Here, we’ll discuss the cost of Eliquis and the Eliquis generic in the United States vs the cost through Canadian pharmacies online, so you have the information you need to get your medication at a price you can afford.

How to Save Money Buying Eliquis (Apixaban) Online – Up to 61%

Eliquis (apixaban) is a prescription medication used to prevent and treat blood clots.

Blood clots may not sound like a big deal. After all, don’t blood clots help your body heal topical wounds?

While, yes, blood clotting can help with scab formation and tissue renewal, blood clots can be life-threatening when they form inside narrow blood vessels.

When a patient’s blood slows due to immobility (think: during a long recovery after surgery, or even during a lengthy airplane flight), microscopic blood cells may cluster together, form clots, and block up a blood vessel.

This results in deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a pulmonary embolism, conditions associated with significant danger of a stroke.

Eliquis works to reduce this risk by blocking the method by which blood clots form. (It specifically blocks a tiny puzzle piece of the clotting process, a Factor Xa).

Patients who are recovering from surgery or have other risk factors of blood clotting, such as atrial fibrillation (AF), may take Eliquis regularly – typically twice daily, at the same time each day.

The cost of two tablets of Eliquis per day adds up, particularly at the sky-high prescription drug prices typically available in America.

As a result, many American patients are forced to pay a staggering monthly cost of $322.00 for 30 tablets of Eliquis ($11.00 per tablet). For patients who have to take two tablets per day, their costs for this medication are well over $600.00 per month, or over $7,500.00 per year.

Buying Eliquis online through a Canadian pharmacy, instead, can net you up to 61% savings.

Here, we sell brand-name Eliquis for about $4.20 per tablet, in a pack of 56 tablets for around $240.00.

Buy Generic Eliquis—Apixaban—for Even More Savings

Apixaban, as the active ingredient in Eliquis, is an Eliquis generic medication that works very much like the brand-name medication.

This generic med apixaban is available in through

If you opt to work with a safe, certified online pharmacy, you can buy the Eliquis generic from the comfort of your home for less.

Here, you can buy apixaban for approximately $2.50 per tablet in a pack of 30 tablets for about $77.00.

Our prescription medication price is more likely to fit into your family’s healthcare budget.

You should know that generic and prescription medications, while highly similar and contain the same active ingredient, are not always exact, one-for-one duplicates.

In most cases, this doesn’t matter. If you exhibit a poor reaction to an inactive ingredient, though, or your doctor prefers the brand-name medication for any reason, you need to have a reliable way of sourcing brand-name Eliquis for less.

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Other Blood Thinners as an Alternative to Eliquis

Although Eliquis is one of the most effective blood thinners on the market, there are alternatives.

Your doctor can help you determine whether any of these is suitable for your unique circumstances and symptoms.

Xarelto (Rivaroxaban) Cost (+ How to Save up to 80%)

Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is a blood thinner, much like Eliquis. Xarelto helps patients avoid blood clumping, blood clots, and the profound heart problems that may follow.

Xarelto is a preventative medication often prescribed to people after undergoing surgery for a knee or hip replacement. This prescription blood thinner also treats already-existing blood clots. In fact, Xarelto’s known for “melting” blood clots and re-establishing blood flow.

Sometimes, patients pair Xarelto with low-dose aspirin to protect their cardiovascular system from severe heart problems.

Before trying any at-home dosage strategies like this, make sure to consult with your doctor, just in case this isn’t a good strategy for your situation. These are prescription drugs and require a doctor’s prescription to order.

Xarelto is taken twice daily, like Eliquis – which, again, is associated with heightened costs.

American patients purchasing Xarelto will pay about $318.00 for 30 tablets, or about $10.60 per tablet.

As a generic will not be widely available in the United States until 2024, many patients will have no choice but to make that price work.

Others will source their Xarelto or generic rivaroxaban through for up to 80% savings.

Here, we sell Xarelto for around $2.10 per tablet (in a pack of 56 for about $120.00).

For even further savings, or about $1.40 per tablet, you can also buy generic rivaroxaban through our site in a pack of 60 tablets for approximately $85.00.

Pradaxa (Dabigatran Etexilate) Cost (+ How to Buy It For Up to 67% Off)

Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate mesylate) is a blood thinner. So far, each prescription drug we’ve discussed has provided a relatively similar result: They help reduce blockages and improve blood flow to aid in optimal cardiovascular function.

Pradaxa is no different. But this doesn’t mean these drugs all work in the same way.

The biochemical processes supporting blood clotting depend on a varied cast of microscopic characters. We noted above that Eliquis acts by impeding Factor Xa, one of the contributors to clotting.

Xarelto works by binding to another clotting factor (one “Factor V”). Pradaxa halts clotting by inhibiting yet another substance that supports blood’s clustering and stickiness. This factor is called thrombin, an enzyme in blood plasma that influences the way blood cells form structures.

By taking Pradaxa (or dabigatran etexilate), patients at heightened risk of blood clotting can lower the chances of experiencing a pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis.

Patients taking Pradaxa generally have a similar dosing schedule to Eliquis and Xarelto. Your doctor can help you with specific recommendations for your circumstances, but many do take Pradaxa twice a day – once in the morning, once at night.

This doubles the associated costs of taking this medication.

And those costs were already considerable.

Americans can buy 60 capsules of brand-name Pradaxa for about $560.00 in the United States, or about $9.30 per capsule. This is enough for just one month of treatment. American patients may not enjoy the flexibility enjoyed by a generic, either: Generic dabigatran etexilate is not widely available in the States.

Through, Americans can buy Pradaxa for just under $3.00 per tablet (in a pack of 60 for approximately $177.00). That represents about 67% in savings, making treatment with Pradaxa much more accessible. We also offer the generic medication for about $1.30 per capsule for even further savings.

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Warfarin (Coumadin) Cost (& How to Get The Lowest Price)

Warfarin (coumadin) is a popular first-line blood thinner often prescribed to patients in danger of an adverse coronary event.

Warfarin is another option in the class of medications that inhibit blood clotting by targeting one of the factors that promote that process. Warfarin works by sticking to Vitamin K. This can stop blood clots from forming in the first place.

Warfarin or generic coumadin can also stop already-existing blood clots from getting any bigger.

Your doctor will be able to assess your current status as effectively as possible and recommend the appropriate blood-thinning medication for you. Substituting one for the other without your doctor’s express approval isn’t a safe idea, so you need to have an affordable way to access any of these medications.

Simply relying on the American pharmaceutical drug market may not be an option.

At, we’re pleased to offer generic coumadin at a very low cost.

A three-month supply of once-daily coumadin costs around $100.00, or about $0.40 per dose.

Why is Eliquis More Affordable from a Canadian Pharmacy?

As you’re looking at these consistently low prices and consistently high savings, you may wonder:

Why is the cost of Eliquis from a Canadian pharmacy so much lower than what’s available in the United States?

There are a few factors contributing to America’s sky-high prescription drug prices:

  • The lack of widely available generics. You may have noticed that some of the medications we’ve discussed in this post didn’t have a generic widely available in America.
  • R&D for pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical companies often say that their rapidly inflating drug costs reflect a massive investment in research and development. The customers are then asked to shoulder the cost of this initiative.
  • A lack of price caps or drug cost regulation. In many countries (e.g., Canada), very specific laws and guidelines influence how expensive pharmaceutical products can be. Unfortunately, America does not have similar regulations.

    As a result, in the States, pharmaceutical companies are allowed to hike prices to protect their profits, instead of keeping life-saving medications accessible for those who need them most.

Insurance may help. The prices quoted in this article don’t reflect any coverage, which can bring Eliquis costs down significantly.

However, coverage of specific drugs through insurance companies can be unreliable.

Insurance may force you to opt for a generic when that’s not in your best interest. And, increasingly, Americans are opting for lower-cost high-deductible insurance plans (or forgoing insurance entirely) because everything is just too expensive.

Instead of dealing with the high cost of prescriptions in America, staggeringly steep Eliquis costs, or hoping to find an Eliquis coupon, it may be time to benefit from the significant discounts available through

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How to Save Money on Eliquis with an Online Canadian Pharmacy

If you or a loved one is at a higher risk of blood clots, you need a reliable way to get practical, protective medication.

You also need that medication to work with your family’s healthcare budget – which may already have taken a recent hit. (After all, Eliquis and other blood thinners are often prescribed to patients just after a surgical intervention.) was founded to help patients find and buy popular prescription medications at affordable prices.

We’re proud to connect Americans and citizens around the world with safe, cost-efficient medications and OTC products. We also offer mail-order purchasing processes that are swift, seamless, and stress-free.

You can order Eliquis and ship it to your front door with just a few clicks.

Here’s how it works.

First, work with your doctor to obtain a valid, current prescription for your required medications.

Then, find what you need on our site.

We provide wide-ranging educational materials, from detailed medication pages to educational roundups, news, and more, to keep you in the know. We also provide updated information about our prices, so you can know up-front precisely what your costs will be.

Finally, order your medications.

We have a seven-day-a-week call center with friendly representatives ready to help you place an order over the phone. Alternatively, you can submit an order via email, fax, or even traditional mail.

Wondering what it’s like to work with We’ve invested heavily in our customer service. Our goal is to make sourcing your medications through our site seamless and stress-free. Check out our 425,000+ customer reviews to see why we have a 4.8/5 star rating!

When you’re ready to place an order for your prescription medications, call us at 1-866-539-5339 or contact us online.

We believe all patients should have access to affordable healthcare, and we look forward to helping you find all your medications at the lowest cost.

The information provided on the website is intended to facilitate awareness about healthcare products and medical conditions generally but it is not a substitute for professional medical attention or advice. You should always speak with a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking any prescription or non-prescription drug.
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