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How Much Does Vraylar Cost? (& How to Get it 80% Cheaper)

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January 25, 2023
Vraylar Cost

Vraylar’s cost can make it completely inaccessible to the people who need it most.

People managing their schizophrenia or bipolar disorder may experience a range of challenges, from bipolar I depression to manic episodes. Vraylar can help people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia control their mood swings and relieve any depressive, manic, or anxious thoughts they experience.

Vraylar can be life-changing – but its cost puts those benefits behind a steep paywall.

American patients pay up to $1,375.00 for a 30-day supply of Vraylar. That’s over $45.00 per pill!

Why is Vraylar so expensive?

There are several reasons why Vraylar’s price is high, which can put bipolar patients in the United States in a challenging position.

Fortunately, by working with an international drugstore and online Canadian pharmacy, American patients can get brand-name Vraylar for up to 80% savings.

What Does Vraylar Cost?

Vraylar costs about $45.00 per pill. For a medication that patients may need to take long-term, that’s a lot.

Patients who use Vraylar to treat bipolar depression or manic episodes associated with bipolar I disorder may need to take Vraylar for a few months. Still, even for short-term treatment, that’s thousands of dollars for one prescription medication.

However, patients who take Vraylar as a treatment for schizophrenia may require taking the medication long-term. At Vraylar’s price, a full year of treatment could cost up to $16,000.00.

That’s out of most people’s healthcare budgets. Especially as there’s no guarantee that insurance can help, even for people with good insurance plans.

Luckily, through, you can buy a four-week supply of brand Vraylar for around $250.00, or just under $9.00 per pill. That’s up to 80% in savings!

Is There a Vraylar Generic?

No, there is not currently a generic Vraylar.

Generic medications offer an affordable alternative to brand-name medications. In some cases, the competition they create can drive down the costs of the original product, too.

In September of 2022, an approved a generic version of Vraylar was announced. This doesn’t mean you’ll see affordable cariprazine tablets lining your pharmacy shelves anytime soon. Vraylar’s manufacturer has a patent on Vraylar that doesn’t expire until 2029.

Even after that expires, it doesn’t mean that we’ll see generic Vraylar in early 2030. Vraylar’s manufacturer could extend their patent – and even after that, it takes a long time for generics to get manufactured, marketed, and sold.

Vraylar Cost

Is There Vraylar Patient Assistance?

Vraylar patient assistance programs originate with Vraylar’s manufacturer. These programs offer some financial assistance (or free medication) for people who require Vraylar, as long as they meet strict eligibility criteria.

For example, according to the Vraylar Patient Assistance page, patients may be able to apply for the program if they have a valid, current prescription for Vraylar, don’t have health insurance, and are working with a licensed United States healthcare provider.

The program administrators will review your household finances and application details if you meet those requirements.

What Does Vraylar Do?

For Vraylar’s price, it’s got to be effective – so what do American patients use it for?

Vraylar (cariprazine) is a second-generation antipsychotic used to treat bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Vraylar benefits patients with these disorders by rebalancing brain levels of serotonin and dopamine. As a result, patients can think more clearly and exert more control over their behaviors.

Pros and Cons of Vraylar

Interested in taking Vraylar? Here’s a quick overview of its main pros and cons:

Pros of Vraylar

  • Patients only need to take Vraylar once per day.
  • Patients consistently report that Vraylar is effective for treating both depressive and acute manic bipolar disorder.
  • Patients do not need to take Vraylar with food. It can be taken with a snack or without one.
  • The benefits of Vraylar tend to work longer than Vraylar alternatives.

Cons of Vraylar

  • Since there is no generic available for Vraylar, it’s quite expensive.
  • Figuring out the right dosing strategy for Vraylar can take a few months and several visits with your healthcare professional.
  • Vraylar can cause unexpected muscle twitches and movements as an unintended side effect.
  • It can take a few weeks for the full benefits of Vraylar to kick in for most patients.

How Long Does it Take for Vraylar to Take Effect?

How long it takes Vraylar to work depends on the symptoms a patient experiences before starting the drug.

In the first week or two of taking Vraylar, a patient should notice fewer delusions and hallucinations.

After those first two weeks, patients may feel more motivated and communicative.

It may take up to 6-8 weeks for patients to experience the full benefit of the drug (e.g., consistent, significant reduction in their schizophrenic or bipolar disorder symptoms). Still, they should notice some graded benefits before two full months of taking the drug.

Vraylar Cost

What Are the Side Effects of Vraylar?

Even though Vraylar is an effective mental health medication that offers many benefits, it can still trigger undesired side effects. If you’re considering taking Vraylar, you should be aware of what could happen.

Just because a side effect of Vraylar is listed here doesn’t mean that you’ll experience it – or even mean that you should stop considering Vraylar as a viable option. Instead, these are side effects to know about before you start taking Vraylar, and to watch for after you start your dosing regimen. These should be discussed with your physician.

If you experience any of these side effects of Vraylar, let your doctor know.

Mild or common side effects of Vraylar:

  • Muscle stiffness
  • Involuntary muscle twitches
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Nausea
  • Increased saliva production

In most cases, patients only experience these side effects of Vraylar immediately after they begin taking the medication.

More severe side effects of Vraylar:

  • Unanticipated drops in your blood pressure
  • Issues with your body’s temperature control
  • Reduced white blood cell count
  • Reduced blood sugar control
  • Diabetes
  • Heightened blood cholesterol
  • Seizures
  • Dramatic mood swings

Does Vraylar Cause Weight Gain?

In some cases, Vraylar can cause weight gain – but that’s not the whole story.

For example, the potential weight gain is less than you might think. According to one 2021 clinical study, patients who started Vraylar gained an average of less than one kilogram (or between 1-2 pounds) over the first eight weeks of dosing.

In another study that specifically looked at people with schizophrenia who started Vraylar, researchers noticed that the patients gained an average of about five pounds after almost one full year of treatment.

So, yes – according to these studies, you may see a small amount of weight gain. But that isn’t certain. And if you are concerned about your weight after starting Vraylar, speak with your doctor. There are ways that you can work to manage your weight while you’re benefiting from this powerful mental health medication.

Can You Use Vraylar for Major Depression?

Soon, you might be able to use Vraylar for symptoms associated with major depression.

Vraylar is currently being studied in a clinical trial to determine how well it works specifically for Major Depressive Disorder, or MDD. As patients with MDD often experience anxiety that worsens their depression, it’s thought that Vraylar can provide clear life-improving benefits.

While the results of the study are inconclusive, they are likely promising – as, based on preliminary study findings, Vraylar’s manufacturer, has applied to add MDD as an additional indication for Vraylar.

There seems to be a specific rationale for using Vraylar as an adjunctive therapy, or a medication used in combination with other antidepressants.

MDD patients who did not respond well to monotherapy (or treatment with just one drug) experienced significantly more significant anti-anxiety benefits when taking both Vraylar and a background antidepressant.

Vraylar Cost

Can You Use Vraylar for Anxiety?

In the future, you may be able to use Vraylar for anxiety. Vraylar is only approved for use with schizophrenic patients or patients managing bipolar, but that could change.

The pharmaceutical industry recognizes a need for more ways to treat anxiety, because there are many different forms of anxiety (and ways to treat it effectively). For example, there are only a few medications (like Luvox CR and Zoloft) that have been approved to treat Social Anxiety Disorder. This condition affects up to 7% of adults in America.

Because the available medications for social anxiety each only provide demonstrable benefits for a fraction of patients, there must be more options.

Vraylar’s manufacturer knows this. While Vraylar has been previously used mainly for antimanic and antipsychotic treatment, its specific mechanism of action is similar to many anti-anxiety medications.

Perhaps because of this, the manufacturer is collaborating on a study looking at the efficacy of cariprazine, the active ingredient in Vraylar, at treating social anxiety disorder.

Are There Vraylar Alternatives?

Although Vraylar is an effective treatment, it’s not for everyone! Here’s a brief guide to Vraylar alternatives so you can know your options.

Vraylar Alternatives for Bipolar

While Vraylar’s manufacturer is pursuing additional indications for Vraylar, Vraylar is currently only approved for treating bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. If you require a way to manage your bipolar disorder or schizophrenia and Vraylar doesn’t seem like a tenable option, consider the following:

  • Abilify (aripiprazole) is an antidepressant and antipsychotic that treats a range of mood or mental disorders, from bipolar disorder to depressive disorder and schizophrenia. American patients often pay up to $645.00 for a month’s supply of Abilify. Here, you can buy the same amount of brand Abilify for $245.00 (up to 62% savings).
  • Geodon (ziprasidone), an antipsychotic that can help treat both schizoaffective disorder and bipolar disorder. Brand Geodon costs around $1,300.00 for a one-month supply, or about $21.00 per twice-daily pill. Through, you can buy Geodon online for just over $2.00 per pill – up to 90% savings.
  • Risperdal (risperidone) is an antipsychotic typically prescribed for schizophrenia patients. In America, a one-month supply of Risperdal costs approximately $440.00, or around $14.50 per pill. By partnering with an international and Canada pharmacy online source, you can save up to 91%. Here, you can buy Risperdal for $1.30 per pill.

Vraylar Alternatives for Anxiety and Depression

Vraylar’s serotonergic relief method leads many to believe it may help with anxiety and depression. However, Vraylar is not currently approved for these indications. The following medications are frequently prescribed to help patients treat anxiety and depression:

  • Wellbutrin (bupropion), an effective antidepressant available in both an immediate-release and extended-release formula. Through our reputable online pharmacy, you can buy generic bupropion online starting at around $1.00 per pill.
  • Lexapro (escitalopram oxalate), an SSRI that helps patients with depression or anxiety pursue more beneficial neurotransmitter balance. Lexapro can be expensive, with a three-month supply costing upwards of $1,200.00, or around $13.30 per pill. Through, you can buy Lexapro online for about $1.75 per /pill (up to 86% savings).
  • Cymbalta (duloxetine) is an SNRI – a reuptake inhibitor that helps boost available serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain (as opposed to an SSRI like Lexapro, which only focuses on serotonin). In the States, Cymbalta can cost around $520.00 for a two-month supply, or about $8.60 per pill. At, you can buy brand Cymbalta online for around $3.25 per pill, or up to 62% savings.

How Much Does Vraylar Cost? (Get Vraylar with Up to 80% Savings!)

It can be easy for American patients to get anxious about rising healthcare and prescription medication costs.

For years, drug companies in the States have been increasing their prices. Insurance companies have been raising their premiums. And, because there are little-to-no regulations overseeing the way pharmaceutical companies price their products, Americans have no way of knowing when their necessary prescription medications will become completely unaffordable.

Patients taking Vraylar are already dealing with significant mental health challenges. We don’t want stress surrounding the affordability of your medications to add to your plate.

That’s why, at, you’ll always find reliably-low cost prescription and OTC drugs.

But that’s just the beginning – here, you can also count on accessible, constantly-updated information about popular prescription medications and genuinely top-tier online drugstore customer service. Interested in learning more about what we offer? Check out our Canadian online pharmacy ratings and reviews.

When you’re ready to order prescription medications from Canada (and internationally) to America, call at 1-866-539-5330, or contact us online. We look forward to supporting you!

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