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How to Save Money on Popular Acne Medication

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December 5, 2022
Popular Acne Medication

Which type of popular acne medication is the best acne medication for you and your goals?

Spoiler alert: It depends.

Everyone’s skin is a little different, and what’s important to you may not be for your peers.

What’s important to everyone is the ability to access the best skincare without breaking the bank.

When you look at the high price tags associated with prescription retinoids and treatments for acne, it can be easy to wonder if you’ll ever be able to afford the best acne medication (or even figure out which is the best for you).

By working with an international or Canadian online pharmacy that offers popular acne medications at consistently low prices, you can accomplish both goals (and more!).

Popular Acne Medication You Can Ship From Canada

Wondering which acne medication is best for your skin? Here’s a rundown of the most popular acne products we sell through our site.

Retin A Cream: The Best Acne Medication for Dry Skin

Retin A Cream (Tretinoin) contains an active ingredient, tretinoin, that is currently in the spotlight as a very effective exfoliant.

Tretinoin provides its skin-boosting benefits by increasing the rate at which your skin cells turn over – or slough off and regenerate. This helps skin look plumper and keeps pores clean and clear. As a result, people who apply tretinoin as directed experience more glow and healthier-looking skin.

The tretinoin in Retin A Cream can even reduce or slow down some signs associated with aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles. As this active ingredient is extremely popular, you’ll see products featuring tretinoin in many places (including throughout this list).

Retin A Cream is a little heavier than other products, such as Retin A Gel and Micro Gel.

Retin A Cream Price

It’s challenging to find Retin A Cream in the United States, as the generic version is widely available. However, you can pick up a 20g tube of tretinoin cream for about $53.00.

At, you can buy a 20g tube of brand-name Retin A Cream for approximately $17.80 – up to 66% savings.

Retin A Micro Gel: The Best Acne Medication for Sensitive Skin

Retin A Micro Gel (tretinoin) features the same active ingredient as Retin A Cream, just in a micro gel formulation.

Retin A is available in a cream, gel, micro gel, and lotion.

This ensures that the same effective medication is available in forms that work for many different types of skin.

A micro gel is a slightly different formulation of the product that holds the active ingredient in suspension a little differently. Because of this, the medication releases into your skin more slowly, instead of all at once upon first application.

As a result, Retin A Micro Gel can be a great option for people who have sensitive skin.

Retin A Micro Gel Price

Much like Retin A Cream, Retin A Micro Gel is hard to find in the states. Unfortunately, unlike Retin A Cream, the micro gel generic is extremely expensive.

One 20g tube of generic tretinoin microgel retails for around $260.00. You can easily find and buy brand-name Retin A Micro Gel through! Here, one 20g tube starts at around $45.00 – giving you up to 82% savings.

Popular Acne Medication

Finacea Gel: The Best Acne Medication for Multipurpose Use

Finacea Gel (azelaic acid) contains an active ingredient that, like tretinoin, works its magic through exfoliation.

Azelaic acid is an exfoliant, an antioxidant, an antimicrobial, and an anti-inflammatory agent. Taken together, that’s a potent cocktail of benefits for your skin, particularly if you’re dealing with stubborn acne as well as other skin issues you’d like to resolve.

Finacea Gel can help unclog your pores and improve the appearance of small acne scars and imperfections on your skin. In addition, Finacea Gel can be beneficial for people who struggle with recurring rosacea flares.

Finacea Gel Price

A 50g tube of Finacea Gel retails in the United States for about $435.00. Here at, we can sell the same 50g tube of Finacea Gel for around $53.00 – up to 87% savings.

Tazorac Cream: The Best Acne Medication that Treats Plaque Psoriasis Too

Tazorac Cream (tazarotene) is, like tretinoin, a retinoid – but it can be a good option for people who need an option beyond tretinoin.

This cream helps with acne and plaque psoriasis, which means that people with both conditions may be able to save and use one dual-purpose topical med.

Tazorac Cream’s active ingredient, tazarotene, is a prodrug. The drug is inert until it’s absorbed into your skin cells. Once absorbed into your skin, Tazorac helps remove old skin cells, clear out buildup in pores, and promote smooth, healthy-looking skin.

Tazorac Cream Price

American patients seeking the benefits Tazorac provides will likely opt for the generic, as it’s widely available in the States. But, unfortunately, it’s expensive. One 30g tube of tazarotene starts at around $505.00. can help. Here, you can buy a 30g tube of brand-name Tazorac Cream for about $80.00 (up to 84% savings).

Tazorac Gel: The Best Acne Medication for People with Psoriasis, Acne, and Oily Skin

Tazorac Gel (tazarotene) features the same retinoid prodrug as Tazorac Cream in a lighter gel application.

With the gel formulation, people with oily skin can experience the benefits of Tazorac Cream without adding more oil to their skin.

In addition, Tazarotene should also help reduce the oil production rate from your skin’s sebaceous glands, making this gel an effective one-two punch for oily skin.

Tazorac Gel Price

One 30g tube of generic tazarotene in America costs around $505.00. Through, you can buy a 30g tube of brand-name Tazorac Gel for around $70.00 – up to 86% savings.

Popular Acne Medication

Renova Cream .05%: The Best Acne Medication for Wrinkles and Skin Discoloration

Renova Cream .05% (tretinoin) is a topical acne medication in a cream formulation. It’s similar to Retin A Cream, just with a slightly different focus.

Retin A Cream (and gel and microgel formulations) are typically prescribed to fight acne first and provide other skincare benefits second.

Renova is the opposite, focusing on smoothing wrinkles and evening out the skin. Fighting acne is a secondary benefit.

As a result, this medication could be a fantastic Retin A alternative for people who experience milder forms of acne or would like to tackle skin symptoms of aging alongside acne treatment.

Renova Cream .05% Price

One 40g tube of Renova Cream .05% retails for about $323.00 in the United States. Through, you can buy a 20g tube of the generic version of Renova Cream .05% for approximately $26.00 – potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per tube!

Stieva A Cream: Alternative to Retin A Cream

Stieva A Cream (tretinoin cream) is, like Renova, an excellent alternative to consider if Retin A Cream doesn’t work for you or doesn’t precisely line up with your goals.

Stieva A Cream can help treat acne so patients can enjoy healthier, clearer-looking skin. Its active ingredient is tretinoin, which acts as an exfoliant to help clear out pores and reduce the appearance of scars.

Each tretinoin-based medication may feature the same active ingredient and provide similar stated benefits, but it’s key to make sure that you can figure out which one works best for you.

These medications have different textures, ingredient lists, and concentrations, for example, which could affect your individual experience.

Easy access to these affordable medications makes it far easier to select the best acne medication for you!

Stieva A Cream Price

Stieva A Cream has been discontinued in the United States, so it will be nearly impossible to find it in American pharmacies. If this medication works best for your skin, shipping it from Canada to America can ensure you enjoy reliable access to Stieva A Cream.

Through, you can buy a 50g tube of Stieva A Cream for around $36.00.

Retin A Gel: The Best Acne Medication for Rosacea and Oily Skin

Retin A Gel (tretinoin) is an oil-free topical medication that can help promote clear, acne-free skin. It’s the gel form of Retin A Cream, and, like Tazorac Gel and Finacea Gel, can be an excellent option for those who want the benefits of Retin A Cream in a lighter-feeling treatment.

In particular, Retin A Gel can provide relief for people managing rosacea. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that can cause redness and acne. Retin A can help reduce redness and smooth out bumps as needed.

Using Retin A Gel can increase your skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so take precautions to avoid sunburn. It can even help to consider applying any of these strong prescription acne medications at night, just before bed.

Retin A Gel Price

Depending on the concentration, you can buy the generic form of Retin A Gel in the United States for anywhere from around $70.00 – $150.00 for a 15g tube.

If you require the brand-name version, you can purchase it through Here, we sell a 30g tube of Retin A Gel for approximately $26.00.

Finacea Cream: The Best Acne Medication for Dryer Skin

Finacea Cream (azelaic acid) is the cream version of Finacea Gel.

If you are excited about the exfoliating benefits of azelaic acid but would like a heavier formulation than a gel, Finacea Cream could be a perfect option.

Finacea Cream also pairs well with a moisturizer, especially if you have dry skin.

Finacea Cream Price

Finacea Cream, as opposed to the gel formulation, can be difficult to find in the United States. Fortunately, Americans seeking this medication version can ship it from Canada or internationally. At, we sell 30g tubes of Finacea Cream starting at around $65.00.

Popular Acne Medication

Benzaclin Topical Gel: The Best Combination Antibiotic Medication for Acne

Benzaclin Topical Gel (clindamycin phosphate/benzoyl peroxide) combines an antibiotic, clindamycin phosphate, with a peeling agent that helps fight bacteria – benzoyl peroxide.

This acne-busting duo comes together to remove bacteria from your face, so the bacteria can’t support acne formation.

Benzaclin also works to unclog pores, as it has some chemical exfoliation properties. After using Benzaclin, patients should notice that their excess oil and dead skin sloughs off over time.

Benzaclin Topical Gel Price

One 50g jar of generic clindamycin phosphate/benzoyl peroxide retails for about $75.00 in America. Since this version of the medication is widely available, it can be difficult to find brand-name Benzaclin Topical Gel.

Unless, of course, you go through an international or online Canada drugs site. Here, you can purchase 50g of brand-name Benzaclin Topical Gel for around $90.00.

Aczone Gel: The Best Anti-Inflammatory Antibiotic Medication for Acne

Aczone Gel (dapsone) is a strong antibiotic topical medication.

It can help patients reduce the appearance of acne on their skin by helping existing acne clear up quickly and reducing the formation of new acne.

Dapsone absorbs directly into the patient’s skin and provides an anti-inflammatory effect, decreasing the redness and discomfort associated with acne. As the inflammation calms, the patient’s skin can heal. Over time, Dapsone can support more consistently-clear skin.

Aczone Gel Price

Aczone Gel is hard to find in the United States, because generic Dapsone is widely available. However, it’s not cheap. One 90g tube of Dapsone costs American patients around $300.00, or about $3.30 per gram.

Through, you can purchase a 60g tube of brand-name Aczone Gel for around $130.00, or approximately $2.15 per gram.

Here’s Exactly How to Save on Popular Acne Medications

When you need prescription-strength acne medication to support your skin’s health, you need to buy it from a reputable source. After all, what you put on your body is as important as what you ingest!

While it can be tempting to check out low-cost websites that promise miracle skin cures, it’s best and safest to purchase your acne medication from a certified online pharmacy website after getting a prescription from a licensed dermatologist or physician.

The only problem with that? The cost. The most popular acne medications can cost hundreds of dollars for a single tube of topical treatments.

That’s a problem that can help you solve. We are CIPA certified, we have a seven-day-a-week call center with friendly representatives ready to help you find what you need, and we offer consistently low prices on brand-name acne medication.

You can even speak with a pharmacist M-F through our call center, if you have questions about your skincare prescription. And, after you’ve placed your order (over the phone, online, or even via snail mail), you can ship your prescription straight to your front door.

Reach out to the team at to learn more about how we can support you and your skincare goals. Call us at 1-866-539-5330, or contact us online for more information.

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