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Pradaxa Generic: Dabigatran is Available + Ways to Save

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December 28, 2023
Pradaxa Generic

Pradaxa is an effective medication that doctors have prescribed for years to treat blood clots. When used well, it can improve heart health markers and even reduce the risk of stroke.

Since 60 capsules of brand-name Pradaxa can cost over $250.00 in America, this medication isn’t affordable for many United States patients.

Enter: Generic dabigatran. Recently, the active ingredient in Pradaxa became available for purchase in some countries, which has made treating blood clots far more feasible for patients.

Today, let’s talk about how you can benefit from this generic heart health drug.

Brand Pradaxa, Its Role in Healthcare, and You

Before discussing generic dabigatran, it’s time to go over the basics. Pradaxa has been a staple in the cardiology medicine community for a long time. Why is it so special?

What is Pradaxa?

Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate) is a blood thinner. When patients at risk of blood clots take a blood thinner, it works to slow down the way that red blood cells clump together. As a result, this class of medications can both treat and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Blood clots are an issue because, in a very basic sense, they can clog up the body’s delicate, all-important internal network of blood vessels.

When blood cannot go through blood vessels, that can result in parts of the body not getting new, oxygenated blood–and that can trigger very dangerous conditions, including heart attacks and strokes.

By treating and preventing blood clots, Pradaxa can help patients live longer.

  • If you’re worried about a blood clot in the vein, or a pulmonary embolism, Pradaxa can help.
  • If you’re worried about a blood clot in the legs, or a deep vein thrombosis, Pradaxa can help.
  • If you’re worried about blood clots in the legs and lungs after surgery for a hip replacement, Pradaxa can help.
  • If you’re worried about the chances of stroke due to atrial fibrillation, Pradaxa can help.

How Does Pradaxa Work?

Pradaxa—and its active ingredient, dabigatran—is a blood thinner.

Dabigatran sticks to something called “thrombin,” a chemical in your blood. Thrombin’s job is to help your blood clot up. If dabigatran is in the way, however, thrombin can’t help blood clot as effectively.

Pradaxa works. It’s dependable. And doctors have recommended it for use since its approval in 2010.

That doesn’t mean it’s a universally affordable option.

How Much Does Pradaxa Cost?

In the United States, American patients can buy 60 capsules of Pradaxa for around $260.00, or about $4.30 per pill.

Through, an international and Canadian internet pharmacy, you can get better prices on Pradaxa by taking advantage of regulated pricing on pharmacies outside of the U.S. Here, you can buy 60 capsules of Pradaxa for around $170.00, or approximately $2.80 per pill—a savings of up to 34%.

If you’d like to save even more, of course, you can opt for generic dabigatran. At, you can buy 60 capsules of dabigatran for around $75.00, or about $1.25 per capsule. When compared to the brand-name medication, that’s around 70% in savings!

Pradaxa Generic

Brand or Generic? Pradaxa vs. Dabigatran—Which is Better?

While Pradaxa and dabigatran may seem like entirely different medications, they should provide the same therapeutic benefit. Dabigatran is the active ingredient in Pradaxa.

The two medications may have slightly different filler ingredients, but for the most part, unless you have a reaction to one of the inactive additions, your experience with generic dabigatran should be very similar to your experience with brand Pradaxa.

That said, listen to your body. If you experience side effects with generic dabigatran that you don’t with Pradaxa or just feel more comfortable with the brand medication for any reason, it’s important to feel like you can find and afford both versions of this anticoagulant drug.

When Did Generic Dabigatran Get Approved?

Before generic dabigatran could get approved, the original patent on Pradaxa had to expire. Under the United States’ current pharmaceutical industry processes, once the original manufacturer made Pradaxa, they could file for patent protection and enjoy a period of time in which they had zero competition for their product in the country.

After that initial patent expired, generic Pradaxa alternatives began to appear on the market in 2022 and 2023. This has led to increased competition for Pradaxa, increased interest in generics, and more accessibility and affordability for both meds.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should choose generic dabigatran or switch to it without giving the process due consideration. The two drugs are generally considered therapeutically equivalent but could be different enough to give some people slightly differing experiences with each.

Some Pradaxa or Generic Dabigatran Side Effects to Be Aware Of

Both brand and generic Pradaxa (or dabigatran) can cause similar side effects. Knowing what these are can help you assess your experience with each and make an informed decision about which version of the med might be best for your care.

Common side effects to keep an eye out for include:

  • Gastrointestinal discomfort, such as a sour stomach, increased burping, or indigestion
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Bleeding complications
  • An increased risk of bruising
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Some rarer and more serious side effects of Pradaxa may include bloody stools, chest pain, irregular breathing, or facial puffiness.

If you notice that you’re experiencing these or other side effects, especially if they come on quickly, are severe, or aren’t going away with time, talk to your doctor. They will be able to assess you and help you determine what type of dose or medication changes you may need to implement.

Comparing Pradaxa and Generic Dabigatran: A Checklist

Wondering whether Pradaxa or generic dabigatran is best for you?

The best way to determine the answer to this question is to think carefully about your experiences with each drug, if you’ve taken them, consider your goals and existing symptoms, and talk with your doctor.

In general, you’ll likely want to think about the following factors:

  • The efficacy of generic dabigatran when compared to Pradaxa. As these drugs should officially work very similarly, this will be something to consider more in terms of your specific experience with each.
  • Any differences in side effects between generic dabigatran and Pradaxa. Read up on the specific medication you’ll be taking to learn more about its potential side effects, and, if you’ve taken both medications, consider if you experienced a different side effect profile while taking either one.
  • The cost difference between Pradaxa and generic dabigatran. There’s a very good chance that brand-name Pradaxa will be a lot more expensive than the generic drug, but it always makes sense to double-check (or even price-check) just to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.
  • Whether your insurance covers both Pradaxa and generic dabigatran. If you have insurance and want to use it to reduce your out-of-pocket cost for this anticoagulant medication, you’ll need to check with your provider to understand more about your coverage. Many insurance providers will only cover one version of the drug.
  • If you have an allergic reaction to an inactive ingredient that could differ between generic Pradaxa or the brand-name version. Realize that you react differently to one version of the med or the other. Take a close look at the ingredient list to see if there are any filler ingredients that could be causing issues.

In addition, you’ll need to talk to your doctor before considering any change in your medications.

Why to Consider Choosing Generic Pradaxa

After considering the factors above and thinking about your experiences with brand-name Pradaxa (or the symptoms that are making it necessary to start taking this medication), you might wonder: What are some good reasons to consider generic Pradaxa in the first place?

There are several reasons that the medical community has been waiting for a generic version of this medication for a long time. These reasons include:

  1. Cost-efficiency. Typically, generic drugs are cheaper than their brand-name equivalents.

    In this case, brand-name Pradaxa costs about $4.30 per pill.

    Generic dabigatran costs about $1.25 per pill. If you’re able to opt for the generic medication, you’ll save up to 70%...depending, of course, on where you buy your generic Pradaxa.

  2. Accessibility. Generic medications like dabigatran may be easier to find. And, since they’re more affordable, they tend to be more accessible to a wider range of people—which can predispose doctors to prescribe them.

  3. Competition. Generic medications like dabigatran exist in direct competition with their brand-name alternatives. (Remember, that’s the reason that the original brand manufacturer held the patent in the first place.)

    By buying generic Pradaxa instead of the brand-name medication, you’re helping to create more competition for the brand drug—which can help the brand manufacturer realize it needs to lower the brand price.

Interested in buying generic Pradaxa?

Shopping online can be a great way to start. It’s important to take steps to make sure you’re buying from a reputable online pharmacy website, though, or you could find yourself having a suboptimal buying or medication experience.

How to Find a Reputable Online Pharmacy

Interested in buying Pradaxa, generic or otherwise, online?

You’ll want to do your research and take a few precautionary steps to ensure the medicine you’re buying is authentic and safe. Don’t worry—this will be easier than you think.

Here are a few steps to follow when you’re vetting potential online pharmacy websites:

  1. Look for meaningful pharmacy website credentials. It’s a good idea to look for pharmacies that are licensed, and that have verifiable seals of approval. In Canada, a good credential to look for is approval by CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

    (Make sure that the pharmacy you’re looking at is listed on CIPA’s website, in addition to having a seal on their own site.)

  2. Look for (real) contact information. The type of online pharmacy you want to order from will have a working phone number clearly listed on its website, and when you call that number, a friendly, helpful customer service representative will answer. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need to call in, having this information available should give you peace of mind—and it’ll add to the reputation of the international or Canadian online pharmacy you’re considering.

  3. Read customer reviews. There’s no better way to figure out whether you’ll likely have a good experience with an online pharmacy than to read the reviews of previous customers. A reputable pharmacy will collect a high volume of high-quality reviews and make it easy for you to find them.

Pradaxa Generic

How to Save on Pradaxa’s Generic—Dabigatran

Found an online Canada drugs and international pharmacy that you can trust?

Excellent. Buying through an international pharmacy website is one of the most effective ways to save money on Pradaxa and generic dabigatran.

It’s not the only way, however. Here are a few other ways to save:

  • Price check. Different pharmacies, whether they’re brick-and-mortar or online, can offer the same medications for different prices.
  • Opt for the generic. If you tolerate the generic formulation of a drug well, it can pay off. Just make sure your doctor recommends the generic version and pay attention to the way your body handles the new medication.
  • Ask your doctor to prescribe you a larger supply of the medication. If you know you’ll be taking a drug regularly, see if you can get a prescription for a 90-day supply, instead of a 30-day one. Usually, this will take your cost per pill down a little bit, and that little bit will add up over time.

Need a Way to Buy Pradaxa Generic?

Generic dabigatran can be a cost-effective way to treat blood clots and invest in your heart health. If you’re buying generic drugs, you just need to make sure that your doctor approves your plans, that you get a valid, updated prescription, and that you’re working with a pharmacy that sells high-quality, safe, and authentic medication.

We have good news: If you’re looking for all these things, you’re in the right place. is pleased to provide convenient, accessible, and affordable medications for American patients seeking lower prices on brand and generic medication. Call our team today at 1-866-539-5330 for more information about what we can do for you, or place an order if you’re ready. We look forward to helping you access the medication you need.

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