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Retevmo: Side Effects, Price, & How to Save

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June 18, 2024
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When you or a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, your life turns upside-down in a flash.

Hearing that there are reliable medications—such as Retevmo—that can treat specific types of cancers with a high confidence rate can help things seem much more manageable.

Unfortunately, when cancer patients realize just how much cancer drugs like Retevmo can cost, that sense of relief can evaporate very quickly. Cancer medications can be extremely costly. If you need a way forward to treat your cancer, though, it may not seem like you have an abundance of options to choose from.

That is, of course, unless you buy Canadian medications from a reputable online Canadian pharmacy.

Here, we’ll discuss the ways that people with select types of cancer can buy the Retevmo they need (for far less than what you’ll find in American brick-and-mortar pharmacies).

What Is Retevmo?

Retevmo (selpercatinib) is a type of targeted cancer therapy that can help treat specific types of cancer. When a person’s cancer is associated with a unique set of genetic mutations (termed “RET” gene alterations), Retevmo may be able to help people control symptoms and work towards remission.

Since RET gene alterations tend to lead to uncontrolled cell growth and, therefore, cancer progression, Retevmo works to interfere with cell growth to prevent tumor growth.

Retevmo may be an option to consider in the following cases:

  1. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
  2. Thyroid cancer
  3. Other tumors that are found to harbor RET gene fusions.

If Retevmo is a good option for you, your doctor will let you know.

How Does Retevmo Work?

In a nutshell, cancer is the unwanted proliferation of unhelpful cells.

Retevmo works to shut down that growth—but only if the growing cells have a specific gene in them. Retevmo blocks the actions of a protein that helps cancer cells that have RET gene alterations grow. If Retevmo works well for you, you should be able to take it and control your body’s proliferation of tumor cells.

Here’s a piece of good news: Since Retevmo specifically targets cells that have the unique RET gene alteration, it’s much more precise than chemotherapy (which is more of a blunt weapon than a scalpel). This can result in more manageable side effects for people undergoing cancer treatment.

However, there aren’t zero side effects associated with Retevmo.

A Quick List of Retevmo Side Effects To Know About

Knowing what side effects you could experience will be extremely important if you’re interested in managing your treatment strategically.

The Common Side Effects of Retevmo

If you’re preparing to take Retevmo, keep an eye out for these common side effects:

  • Fatigue, or a constant sense of tiredness after you start taking the medication
  • Swelling, or edema, especially if it’s in the arms or legs.
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms, including diarrhea.
  • Dry mouth, since reduced saliva production is one potential symptom.

These symptoms should not be severe, should become more manageable as your body gets used to the drug, and should be simple to ease with the use of a few strategic practices.

For example, if you’re feeling fatigued, try your best to eat nutritious foods and give your body ample time to rest. If your limbs are swollen, elevate them, and reduce the amount of salt or salty foods that you eat.

Need a way to soothe frustrating GI symptoms?

Drink water and consider adjusting your diet if you realize that specific food groups are harder on your stomach than others. There are saliva substitutes that can help with dry mouth, as will drinking water and maintaining excellent oral hygiene.

Serious Side Effects

While Retevmo’s more serious side effects are rare, they’re still worth knowing about so you can be as prepared as possible when you start taking this drug.

Before you start taking Retevmo, ask your doctor about:

  • Potential liver toxicity, and the ability to monitor your liver function regularly (if needed) through blood testing.
  • QT prolongation, or a change in your heartbeat pattern. Your doctor may recommend that you take regular ECGs to monitor your cardiac health.
  • Hypertension, or a higher blood pressure than usual. Your doctor will monitor your blood pressure, and help you determine whether you need to take medication to keep your blood pressure in a safe zone.

Now that you know what to expect about the potential side effects associated with this medication, it’s time to get down to business.

If you’re prescribed Retevmo, what type of investment should you be prepared to make?

Bottle of pills will 100 dollar bills

Retevmo Price Overview: What to Expect at the Pharmacy Counter

Few cancer drugs are affordable at retail price. Retevmo is no different!

American patients who need to pay full price for Retevmo will be floored to hear that the cost of Retevmo can be as high as $11,000.00—$22,000.00 per month.

That’s a cost that simply makes cancer treatment unavailable to many of the people who require it to survive.

Of course, for some people, insurance coverage will make a big dent in that initial price. However, as we’ll discuss in a few moments, it may not be the most strategic plan to rely entirely on your insurance company to keep the costs for your life saving medication in an affordable range.

If you’re looking for an alternative, you’re in the right place. Through, you can buy brand-name Retevmo for about $4,500.00 for a typical month’s supply (a savings of up to 79%).

Why Do Retevmo Costs Vary So Much?

People new to the world of pharmaceutical product pricing might wonder why Retevmo can cost thousands and thousands of dollars at one pharmacy…and considerably less at another.

Here’s a quick overview of the factors influencing prescription medication pricing:

  1. Pharmacy location. First of all, every pharmacy can set its own price for the drug based on its nearby market.

    (This means that taking the time to check prices at pharmacies near you may pay off, as simply going to a different pharmacy could save you lots of money—if you’re willing to make the trip.)

  2. Generic availability. If a medication has a generic alternative, generally, it’ll be a little cheaper due to market competition.

  3. Drug newness. If a drug has just recently come to market and is very good at what it does, naturally, it’ll be priced more competitively—at least, until generic alternatives or other brand alternatives are more available. Buyer beware, though: Waiting for prices to drop could take a while, as drugs take years to get made and approved in the United States.

  4. Government regulations. In the United States, the government does not step in and set price limits or otherwise work to keep prices low for the consumer. This is a marked change from what’s happening in many other countries around the world, and a key reason why medications in the United States are more expensive than those purchased internationally.

  5. Insurance coverage. Cancer patients with excellent insurance may not pay thousands of dollars per month for their medication. However, many people, even those who have insurance, may find that they’re expected to shoulder the majority of their medication costs even though they’re technically covered.

  6. Remember, your insurance company is a company interested in keeping its own profits high. Expensive drugs may not be covered in full, covered throughout the duration of your required treatment, or covered at all. (There’s also the fact that it can be surprisingly easy to lose your insurance coverage at a moment’s notice, especially if your insurance is tied to your employment.)

In addition to all these factors, there is also the simple fact that making and marketing a drug is, from the manufacturer’s perspective, a wildly expensive endeavor. It’s not unusual to pay nearly a billion dollars getting a drug to market in the States. The manufacturer has a strong incentive to make that money back along with an exorbitant profit by keeping consumer prices high—and there are very few things challenging their ability to do just that.

This makes having a strategy to keep your Retevmo costs manageable a must, regardless of your financial or insurance coverage situation.

Here’s Exactly How to Save on Retevmo

Aside from shopping for prescription medications through an Canadian prescription drugs and international medicines website, are there other options you can consider to keep your cancer treatment costs accessible?

There may be. Here’s an overview of common options you may be able to pursue.

Patient Assistance Programs

Retevmo’s manufacturer, Eli Lilly, may offer assistance programs from time to time to keep costs reasonably feasible for cancer patients. Typically, these assistance programs are geared toward low-income patients, or those who aren’t able to get traditional insurance coverage.

The eligibility requirements for these programs tend to be very rigorous, and the financial assistance they provide is not permanent. However, as one part of your strategy for reducing Retevmo costs, these programs can be helpful if you qualify.

Talk to your doctor to see if you’re eligible, and to learn your next steps to accessing this type of program.

Copay and Savings Cards

If a patient assistance program isn’t a possibility for you, you may be able to obtain a savings or copay card. These are generally offered as part of a promotional campaign, either by a pharmacy or by a manufacturer, to increase public awareness of their medication. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist if they have any of these cards available.

As with patient assistance programs, it may not be the best idea long-term to rely completely on these cards to keep your costs low, as they are impermanent. Consider asking your doctor about eligibility requirements to see if you can use a savings card as part of your Retevmo savings strategy.

Online Pharmacies and Coupons

Online pharmacies bring a slew of benefits to the table.

One, for example, is the easy ability to price-check, learn about your medications, upload all your required information, and even buy your meds online all from the comfort of your living room.

Another is the ability to check for credentials and evidence of safety initiatives from the start—giving you the peace of mind you need to buy medications online. (If an online pharmacy website is certified by CIPA, has the Norton Shopping Guarantee, and features a Trust Guard badge, you can be confident that you’re buying authentic medication and that your information will remain secure.)

Finally—and, perhaps, most importantly: International and online pharmacy websites are able to source medication from markets that may not be available to United States pharmacies. This allows international online pharmacies to provide high-quality, authentic medications for low costs.

Is Retevmo Chemotherapy? And Other FAQs

Need quick answers to your most urgent questions about this medication? Here are common questions we hear about Retevmo, followed by quick answers.

What is Retevmo?
Retevmo is a type of cancer therapy that is very, very targeted; a precise instrument that has a far more specific mechanism of action than more wide-ranging chemotherapy. It helps stop the growth of cancer cells that share a unique type of mutation.
Is Retevmo chemotherapy?
No, Retevmo is not chemotherapy. Chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cells, which can include both cancer cells and regular healthy ones, such as the cells that comprise human hair. Retevmo specifically targets cancer cells that have specific RET gene alterations.
What are the most common Retevmo side effects?
Retevmo side effects to watch out for include swelling (edema), fatigue, GI symptoms like diarrhea, and dry mouth. If you’re proactive, you should be able to keep these symptoms manageable by hydrating and staying rested.
How can I find cheap Retevmo?
You can find cheap Retevmo by purchasing your medication from an online Canadian pharmacy. These pharmacy websites can offer authentic, brand-name Retevmo at affordable prices for many reasons, including differing market regulations and international sourcing.
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Get the Retevmo Savings You Deserve

If you’re looking for a way to save on Retevmo treatment, you’re in the right place. Through, you can buy this potentially life-saving cancer medication for up to 79% off what it costs in the United States.

Here, through our CIPA-certified online pharmacy website, you can learn about and buy safe, authentic medication (for less). You can also save time when buying your medication, as we can ship your Retevmo directly to your front door.

Interested in learning more about what it’s like to order medications from Canada and elsewhere? We’re pleased to assist. Chat with our team of customer service representatives and pharmacists, or read our Canadian pharmacy reviews page. Then, when you’re ready, place an order online or over the phone.

The team at looks forward to helping you support your best possible health!

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