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Save Money on Xarelto Generic (& Other Blood Thinners)

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October 2, 2022
Save Money on Xarelto

Although they’re unfathomably tiny, there aren’t many things more terrifying than a blood clot.

A blood clot, or a sticky clump of blood cells (also known as a ‘thrombus’) moves through your blood vessels, swimming along innocuously enough until it gets stuck in a narrow passageway.

This can cause a host of serious problems, including heart attack, stroke, and death.

Fortunately, we have a class of medications (known as ‘antithrombotics’) that help reduce the dangers associated with blood clots.

But there’s a problem: one of the most effective antithrombotics on the market, Xarelto – can be very expensive for patients living in the United States.

Americans can expect to pay up to $319 for a 30-day supply of name-brand Xarelto–and that cost is doubled if the dosing schedule is twice-a-day.

The good news: you can easily purchase brand and a generic alternative of Xarelto and other blood thinners online through

At, you can purchase a 56-tablet supply of Xarelto brand-name for around $120.00. (Up to 80% savings).

In this article, we’ll discuss how antithrombotics work, and explain how you can save money on brand-name Xarelto, a generic alternative of Xarelto, and other blood thinners.

The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product. The generic alternative is not available in Canada and is shipped by an affiliated dispensing facility outside of Canada. Xarelto is the registered trademark of its respective trademark owner. Sales of Xarelto or the generic alternative are not authorized by and do not originate from the trademark owner. is not in any way affiliated with the trademark owner.

What are Antithrombotics?

Antithrombotic medications are sometimes referred to as blood thinners. Blood thinners can help reduce the risk of heart disease – which is the leading cause of death in America.

Not only can blood thinners and antithrombotics like Xarelto, Eliquis, and Brilinta (among other popular heart meds) reduce the risk of a heart attack, they can help patients avoid the long-term disabilities associated with a stroke.

Xarelto, generic medications such as rivaroxaban, and other antithrombotics can save lives and improve the quality of life for many patients.

Of course, that’s only possible if patients can find and afford them.

More and more, Americans are turning to safe online Canadian pharmacies to locate the prescription drugs they need to thrive.

Antithrombotics are one of the most common medication classes they search for on our site.

If you or a loved one is in need of a heart disease medication, you should be able to buy it for a budget-friendly price.

At, we sell Xarelto, generic rivaroxaban, and other prescription medications at affordable price points so you can focus less on finances and more on getting healthy.

Save Money on Xarelto

What is Xarelto (Generic: Rivaroxaban)?

Xarelto (generic: rivaroxaban) is a popular type of anticoagulant that doctors prescribe to “melt” blood clots.

As blood clot formation is a potentially life-threatening event that can occur for atrial fibrillation patients, post-operative patients, or anyone with a heightened risk for heart disease, medications like Xarelto can be potentially life-saving.

Certainly, Xarelto helps patients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the lowered risk of dangerous conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism blood clots, or even a stroke.

When patients take Xarelto, they usually take an oral tablet once or twice per day, either for a finite period of time (e.g., while recovering from surgery) or on a more regular basis to reduce the risk of an adverse cardiac event. Your doctor will assess your specific risk level and recommend a dose that’s unique to you.

Of course, the daily amount of Xarelto (or generic rivaroxaban) you require will help determine what your ongoing prescription medication costs will be.

How Much Does Xarelto (Generic Rivaroxaban) Cost? (+ How to Save Up to 80%)

American patients may be able to find brand-name Xarelto in the United States for about $10.60 per tablet ($319.00 for 30 tablets, or a one-month supply).

If you require two tablets or a higher dose, your cost of treatment per day could easily be over $20.00 – just for that one medication.

At, we sell a 56-tablet supply of Xarelto of brand-name for around $120.00, or a little more than $2.00 per pill. (That’s up to 80% savings!)

If you want to save even more, there is a generic alternative. We sell a 60-pill, 60-day supply of rivaroxaban for about $85.00, or around $1.42 per tablet.

Save Money on Xarelto

What are Alternatives to Xarelto – Generic or Otherwise?

Xarelto (generic rivaroxaban) isn’t the only effective blood thinner out there.

Far from it – which means you have options. Here are a few of the common antithrombotic alternatives and their costs:

Eliquis Cost (+ How to Save Up to 60%)

Eliquis (apixaban) is one of the most popular heart medications at

We suspect that this is at least partially because, like Xarelto, Eliquis typically retails for a high cost. Since we’re able to sell this effective prescription medication for less, it’s no wonder that American customers enjoy shopping with us.

Eliquis, like Xarelto, is an anticoagulant that doctors often prescribe after surgical treatment.

Typically, it’s meant to be a short-term measure. After surgery, patients often can’t move around as much as they’d like. Immobility slows a patient’s blood flow, which (in turn) increases the likelihood of developing blood clots.

Eliquis reduces this life-threatening risk.

But its efficacy comes at a cost.

A 30-tablet, one-month supply of Eliquis starts at about $315.00 in the United States, or $10.50 per tablet.

Some patients even have to take two tablets per day, which would make the monthly cost of Eliquis up to $630.00.

Buying your Eliquis through an online Canadian pharmacy can offer major savings.

Here, you can buy a 56-pill supply of Eliquis for about $239.00 (or around $4.20 per pill) – up to 60% savings.

Brilinta Cost (+ How to Save Up to 75%)

Brilinta (ticagrelor) is a popular anticoagulant that works well but has one clear downside:

Just like Xarelto, generic blood thinners, and many other heart medications, Brilinta requires a large ongoing investment.

Brilinta is an effective therapy that can slow down blood clot formation.

It’s a relatively recently approved drug, which may contribute to its cost.

Brilinta was first approved in 2011 for patients experiencing acute coronary symptoms. Since then, Brilinta has been widely used to treat heart attack patients as either an immediate aid or an ongoing therapy to reduce future risk of heart attack recurrence.

Generic ticagrelor is also an option for more savings over the brand-name Brilinta.

At $273.00 per month in America for the brand Brilinta (or about $8.50 per tablet in a pack of 30), this is not exactly accessible or affordable for most people.

To save up to hundreds of dollars per year, you can instead buy an eight-week supply of Brilinta brand-name for about $120.00, or about $2.10 per tablet, at (That’s around 75% savings).

If you’d prefer to try generic ticagrelor instead, you can also find that here for about $1.70 a pill for further savings.

Save Money on Xarelto

Savaysa Cost (+ How to Save Up to 50%)

Savaysa (edoxaban) is a blood thinner that helps patients reduce their chances of forming dangerous blood clots. Edoxaban helps slow down the process red blood cells use to stick to each other, making it much more difficult for them to clump together.

Savaysa is versatile in that it can treat blood clots that exist in the lungs (e.g., a pulmonary embolism) or in the legs (e.g., deep vein thrombosis). Savaysa can also be used as an effective follow-up treatment for people who have already received a blood thinner injection.

If a patient has an irregular heartbeat and is at heightened risk of a stroke or blood clot, Savaysa may be able to help. When you have an irregular heartbeat (or ‘atrial fibrillation’), your heart goes through phases of beating too fast for optimal function.

As a result, blood pools in your heart. This causes ideal conditions for blood clots in your heart, which can travel from there to other parts of your body. If those blood clots travel to the brain, your legs, or your lungs, they could wreak havoc on your health.

Your specific dosage of Savaysa or generic edoxaban will depend on a host of factors, including your prognosis and your weight.

Many patients take one oral tablet of Savaysa per day, but your doctor will recommend a dosage schedule best suited for you.

At one tablet per day, the cost of Savaysa adds up quickly. In America, a 30-tablet, one-month supply of Savaysa starts at $450.00.

For almost 50% savings, you can instead buy your blood thinner medication at

Here, we sell 30 tablets of brand-name Savaysa starting at around $243.00.

Pradaxa Cost (+ How to Find The Lowest Price)

Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate) is a prescription medication that doctors may recommend for patients at heightened risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. The active ingredient in Pradaxa, dabigatran, is an anticoagulant that very effectively breaks down blood clots.

Perhaps because of its efficacy, Pradaxa is not a cheap medication.

Sixty pills of Pradaxa can cost about $560.00, or just over $9.00 per pill. That amount will last you just one month – making your yearly cost for Pradaxa, if you need to take it regularly, nearly $7,000.00.

Fortunately, at, we’re able to offer an alternative. With our low prices, you could save thousands of dollars per year.

Here, you can buy the same 60-pill supply of Pradaxa for about $176.00. That’s just under $3.00 per pill – which means that you can save over $6.00 on each pill (and around $12.00 on each day of treatment).

We also sell generic dabigatran etexilate for further savings – about $76.00 for a 60-pill supply, or around $1.27 per pill.

Save Money on Xarelto

Save Big on Your Xarelto, Generic Rivaroxaban, and Other Blood Thinners

If you’re at a heightened risk for blood clots, taking an antithrombotic such as Xarelto or a generic alternative rivaroxaban can protect you and your peace of mind.

But if you regularly find yourself choosing between health and financial security, you’re not alone.

As drug prices skyrocket in America and more and more people are relying on chronic prescription medications, millions of United States citizens are forced to make difficult decisions regarding their health and their budgets. provides high-quality brand-name medications for American patients to help alleviate that pressure. We passionately believe that you should have the resources you need to care for yourself and for your loved ones.

If you have a prescription for Xarelto, generic rivaroxaban, or another antithrombotic, we’d be happy to help you source and purchase your needed medication for a low price.

Looking for other heart medications? From cardiovascular prescription medications to anticoagulants and blood pressure meds, we’ve got you covered.

We also understand that purchasing your medications online can be stressful, especially if this is a new experience for you. Our team is ready to make this as safe and easy as possible for you by:

  • Staffing our 7-days-a-week call center with friendly, knowledgeable staff
  • Offering you online-only perks such as prescription refill reminders
  • Going the extra mile to make sure our site is secure and intuitive
  • Providing you with easy tools for price-checking and learning more about your prescription medications
  • Making sure that you have access to our staff pharmacists, who are ready to answer any questions about your prescriptions

If you’d like to place your order over the phone, a member of our team would be happy to walk you through that process. Alternatively, you can click to order online in just a few minutes!

Since we’ve invested so much into our user experience, we’ve been pleased to receive over 425,000 reviews from verified customers (with an overall 4.8/5 star rating!).

Don’t hesitate to find and purchase your prescription Xarelto or other necessary blood thinners; instead, allow the team at to help you find what you need. Give us a call at 1-866-539-5330, or connect with us online.

You deserve affordable medications, and we’re here to help.

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