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The Best Allergy Eye Drops for Itchy Inflamed Eyes

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January 23, 2023
Allergy Eye Drops

If you suffer from chronic or seasonal allergies, allergy eye drops are a must.

When allergies attack – when you tear up, when your cheeks swell, when suddenly your eyes are itchy and inflamed – you need instant relief, or you’re not going to be able to do much of anything.

Prescription eye drops for allergies or inflamed, dry eyes can provide that instant relief and allow you to go about the rest of your day.

But, as it turns out, there are a plethora of prescription allergy eye drop options – from NSAIDs like Acular to antihistamine options like Optivar and Naphcon A.

Which begs the question: Which allergy eye drops are the best for you?

What Are the Top 10 Best Allergy Eye Drops?

This helpful guide will provide a brief description of the most popular prescription eye drops for allergies.

Pataday Allergy Eye Drops

Pataday eye drops (olopatadine) can reduce the symptoms of pink eye, whether a patient’s pink eye is caused by a foreign object or by allergies. Non-viral pink eye can be very irritating and painful, resulting in red, watery, and itchy eyes.

Pataday’s active ingredient, olopatadine, can calm the inflammatory response to allergies. If you wear contacts, take them out before using Pataday. (Wait about fifteen minutes after drug administration or as advised by your doctor.)

Wondering where to buy Pataday eye drops? You can purchase Pataday right here for around $48.00 per mL through, for about $120.00 for a 2.5 mL bottle.

Optivar Allergy Eye Drops

Optivar (azelastine HCl) contains a potent histamine antagonist. It’s not sedating, like other popular antihistamines – which means that Optivar can be a great option if you need relief from itchy eyes during the morning or when you need to be alert.

After you administer Optivar, the medicine will block your body’s histamine response pathway. Because histamine is the chemical signaler that triggers your body’s inflammatory response, blocking this pathway will result in fewer inflammatory symptoms (such as red eyes and excess tear production).

Through, you can buy Optivar in a 6 mL bottle for about $53.00, or about $8.80 per mL.

Alomide Ophthalmic Solution

Alomide Ophthalmic Solution (lodoxamide) is an anti-inflammatory agent called a mast cell stabilizer. Doctors often prescribe mast cell stabilizers to relieve non-viral conjunctivitis or keratitis. (These are both inflammatory conditions that can cause incessantly itchy, watery eyes.)

When mast cells are irritated, usually by allergens such as pollen or pet dander, they release inflammation-spreading messengers such as histamine. Stabilizing those mast cells and preventing them from starting the inflammatory pathway significantly reduces ocular symptoms after exposure to allergens.

At, you can buy Alomide Ophthalmic Solution for around $3.70 per mL, or about $37.00 for a 10 mL bottle.

Allergy Eye Drops

Opticrom Solution 2%

Opticrom Solution 2% (2% sodium cromoglycate) is an excellent seasonal allergy relief medication. Patients who are experiencing runny noses and watery eyes can pick up this medication without a prescription.

Much like a mast cell stabilizer, Opticrom Solution 2% prevents the inflammatory pathway from getting started by inhibiting histamine release.

As Opticrom Solution 2% is an over-the-counter (or OTC) medication, it’s not as strong as prescription options. Because of this, Opticrom Solution 2% can be an excellent first option for people who are unsure they need stronger relief.

American patients seeking lower prices on high-quality allergy eye drops can buy Opticrom Solution 2% through for approximately $3.00 per mL, or a 10 mL bottle for around $30.00.

Naphcon A Allergy Eye Drops

Naphcon A (naphazoline hydrochloride and pheniramine maleate), an OTC allergy eye drop medication, can temporarily relieve those suffering from eye puffiness, itching, and watering.

This non-prescription medication combines the power of antihistamines and decongestants. Antihistamines stop the inflammatory pathway in its tracks by blocking histamine.

Decongestants – such as Naphcon A’s active ingredient naphazoline – narrow eye blood vessels (temporarily) to reduce redness and puffiness.

Patients in America can ship Naphcon A directly from Canada or internationally to their mailboxes through Here, you can buy brand Naphcon A for approximately $1.00 per mL, or 15 mL for around $15.00.

Visine Allergy Eye Drops

Visine Allergy Eye Drops (tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride 0.05%, zinc sulphate 0.25%) relieve the red eyes and itchiness that often accompany seasonal allergies. If you or a loved one needs help managing allergy symptoms after exposure to dander, animal hair, grass, ragweed, or pollen, this OTC medication may be a good place to start.

Much like Naphcon A, Visine leverages an active decongestant ingredient. However, Visine also can clear mucus from your eye’s surface – which can help you see more clearly after allergen exposure.

At, you can buy brand-name Visine Allergy Eye Drops for around $0.75 per mL, or 15mL for approximately $11.00.

Lastacaft Ophthalmic Solution

Lastacaft Ophthalmic Solution (alcaftadine) can help seasonal allergy sufferers avoid rubbing their eyes (and prolonging their suffering) by providing practical, timely relief. Allergic conjunctivitis can cause red eyes, increased tear production, and even blurred vision.

Lastacaft can help. Lastacaft is, like Opticrom and Optivar, an antihistamine. Histamines are powerful inflammatory agents and inhibiting them can significantly reduce or eliminate frustrating allergic symptoms.

The fact that there are many to choose from is good news: You can see which ones work for you (and even price-match, depending on the type of medication you require).

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, discussing the use of Lastacaft with your doctor is a good idea. Also, if you use contact lenses, take them out before using Lastacaft.

You can purchase brand-name Lastacaft Ophthalmic Solution through for about $75.00 per mL, or approximately $220.00 for a 3 mL bottle.

Allergy Eye Drops

Elestat Allergy Eye Drops

Elestat Eye Drops (epinastine) is an H1 receptor antagonist. It blocks the receptors that histamine binds to trigger the immune (and inflammatory) response. As a result, Elestat can reduce tear and mucus production and help reduce the likelihood of your eye membranes becoming inflamed.

Elestat is often prescribed to help relieve allergic conjunctivitis (or non-viral, non-contagious pink eye). Usually, this type of eye inflammation is associated with seasonal allergies such as molds and pollen.

You can buy brand-name Elestat Eye Drops through for around $9.40 per mL, or approximately $470.00 for a large 50 mL bottle.

Acular Allergy Eye Drops

Acular Eye Drops (ketorolac) are an NSAID, or a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. You may be familiar with NSAIDs like ibuprofen, which can help with inflammation related to pain or headaches.

Acular can provide similar relief when the inflammation is located in our eyes. It’s often prescribed to help with recovery after vision improvement surgeries but can also treat symptoms of conjunctivitis (including watery, red eyes).

Acular blocks COX, a substance called cyclo-oxegenase. This substance makes prostaglandins, a messenger that supports your body’s inflammatory response.

If antihistamines aren’t working, this prostaglandin-blocking medication could be worth a try.

Some patients report that pressing the inside corner of their eyes for two minutes after applying Acular Eye Drops can help keep the medicine where they want it instead of allowing some Acular to spread through the rest of their bodies. (The risks associated with this are minimal, but Acular can cause itchiness and stinging, so this step can be a good addition to your routine.)

Patients who require brand-name prescription Acular Eye Drops can buy them for $7.00 per mL (or around $35.00 for a 5mL bottle) through

Emadine Allergy Eye Drops

Emadine Eye Drops (emedastine difumarate) deliver targeted antihistamine action promptly, making them a useful choice if you routinely suffer from ocular itchiness or watery eyes.

Emadine provides this relief by blocking the H1 receptor – the place on a cell where histamine must bind to pass the inflammatory message through your body. If histamine cannot deliver its message, the inflammatory action stops. By blocking another step in the histamine pathway, Emadine gives people with allergies another way to reduce their symptoms.

Allergies can be a very tricky, personal condition to deal with – what works for one person may not necessarily work for you, and each person may require different ways to alleviate their suffering from season to season. Stocking your medicine cabinet with options that interfere at various points of the histamine pathway, if your doctor agrees with that strategy, can be extremely helpful.

American patients can ship Emadine from Canada or internationally to America for less through Here, we sell brand Emadine eye drops for around $5.40 per mL, or about $27.00 for a 5 mL bottle.

Lotemax Allergy Eye Drops

Lotemax Eye Drops (loteprednol) help bust seasonal allergy symptoms, like the other medications on this list – but this medication does so very differently. Loteprednol etabonate, the active ingredient in Lotemax Eye Drops, is a corticosteroid.

Corticosteroids can be powerful against inflammatory symptoms like red eyes and rampant itchiness. They come with risks of unpleasant side effects, however. Ophthalmic corticosteroids, in particular, can raise the pressure inside a patient’s eye, so they’re not recommended for long-term use.

Lotemax Eye Drops reduce your prostaglandins levels, resulting in a slowed or stopped inflammatory response.

If you’re an American patient needing this prescription allergy eye drops medication, you can buy Lotemax Eye Drops for less through Here, we sell Lotemax Eye Drops for approximately $10.60 per mL, or around $53.00 for a 5 mL bottle.

Allergy Eye Drops

FAQ: What are the Best Allergy Eye Drops for You?

Now that we’ve discussed the main options, here’s a quick speed round of your choices.

What are the Best Prescription Eye Drops for Allergies?

The best prescription eye drops for allergies discussed in this guide are:

  • Pataday Eye Drops
  • Optivar Eye Drops
  • Lotemax Eye Drops
  • Alomide Ophthalmic Solution
  • Lastacaft Ophthalmic Solution
  • Elestat Eye Drops
  • Acular Eye Drops
  • Emadine Eye Drops

What are the Best OTC Eye Drops for Allergies?

The best OTC (or over-the-counter, non-prescription) eye drops for allergies include:

  • Opticrom 2% Allergy Eye Drops
  • Naphcon A Allergy Eye Drops
  • Visine Allergy Eye Drops

What are the Best Eye Drops for Pain and Inflammation?

If you need something a bit stronger to help with eye allergy pain and inflammation, you might try:

  • Acular Eye Drops
  • Emadine Eye Drops
  • Lotemax Eye Drops

What are the Most Cost-Effective Allergy Eye Drops?

In this guide, the most cost-effective allergy eye drops are:

  • Opticrom 2% Allergy Eye Drops
  • Naphcon A Allergy Eye Drops
  • Visine Allergy Eye Drops

However, with the reliably reasonable prices available through our international drugstore and online Canadian medications site, you’ll enjoy steep savings on all the discount prescription and OTC medications you find here.

Where to Buy Pataday Eye Drops?

You can buy Pataday Eye Drops and all of the medications discussed in this guide through

Wondering how to make that happen? No worries – we’ve got you covered.

Where to Buy the Best Allergy Eye Drops? Start Here

If you’ve got itchy, inflamed eyes, the last thing you want to worry about is complicated procedures standing between you and the medication that will provide relief.

(The other thing you don’t want to run into? Sky-high allergy medication prices.)

Unfortunately, in America, complex processes and high prices are par for the course when searching for effective brand-name medication.

For some, this can mean that allergy relief just isn’t feasible. As a result, many people with chronic, painful eye allergies must rely on inadequate ways to deal with the pain. This can cause people to miss work or have difficulty enjoying routine activities.

At, we know there’s a better way. We offer one.

Through our international discount drugstore and online pharmacy, you can buy prescription and non-prescription allergy eye medication for less. You can even order your allergy eye drops straight from Canada or internationally to your front door – in just a few clicks.

You can read customer reviews right here or even watch the movie to learn more about what we offer. Alternatively, you can call our seven-day-a-week customer service line to speak directly with a friendly, knowledgeable representative. Or, if you’re interested in discussing your prescription with one of our pharmacists, you can do that, too: Just call 1-866-539-5330, and we’ll get started.

When you’re ready to order your brand-name allergy eye drops, you can do so over the phone, by fax, by email, or through our safe online prescription drugs and OTC ordering system. Please don’t hesitate to rely on our team for timely support. The team at looks forward to helping you find precisely what you need.

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