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The Best Myrbetriq Alternatives (& How They Work)

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December 21, 2022
Myrbetriq Alternatives

Myrbetriq provides reliable relief for people with overactive bladder (OAB) – but at a steep cost.

As American patients are growing dissatisfied with paying nearly $6,000.00 per year for bladder control medication, Myrbetriq alternatives are becoming more and more popular.

Today, there are a lot of Myrbetriq alternatives to choose from – which invites a lot of comparisons.

Myrbetriq vs. Oxybuynin, Myrbetriq vs. VESIcare, Myrbetriq vs. Toviaz.

The sheer amount of information OAB patients need to sift through to understand their options is staggering.

This process can get very stressful, very quickly – which doesn’t help with OAB symptoms.

Here, in this guide to Myrbetriq alternatives, we’ll provide the specific information you need to make the best decision possible for your care.

Your Complete Guide to the Best Myrbetriq Alternatives

Want to make an informed choice about which of the Myrbetriq alternatives out there is the best for you?

Here’s everything you need.

First Things First: What Is Myrbetriq?

Myrbetriq (mirabegron) uses a beta-3 adrenergic agonist to treat overactive bladder. It was first approved in 2012 and, for a long time, was the go-to OAB treatment on the market. Since it doesn’t have a generic alternative, its price has remained inaccessibly high.

Myrbetriq relaxes the detrusor, a muscle that helps the bladder contract. This contraction makes it easier for the bladder to store and expel urine.

If the detrusor muscle is always tightly-wound, the patient will always feel the need to urinate – or, in other words, they’ll have an overactive bladder.

While OAB patients have found ways to live with their disorder, effective medication is usually the easiest therapeutic route. For example, some OAB patients have lived by strict fluid intake schedules, completely changed their diet, or created extensive maps of the public restrooms available to them around where they live and work.

Or, with Myrbetriq, patients could take one pill daily and enjoy much more tenable bathroom schedules.

Unfortunately, this benefit is expensive.

Myrbetriq Alternatives

How Much Does Myrbetriq Cost?

In the United States, one 30-day supply of Myrbetriq starts at about $492.00, or approximately $16.50 per pill. Here, through, you can buy a one-month supply of brand-name Myrbetriq for around $118.00, or under $4.00 per pill (up to 75% savings).

Now that we’ve taken a look at Myrbetriq, let’s discuss Myrbetriq’s alternatives in more detail.

Ditropan, or Generic Oxybutynin: An Excellent First-Line Myrbetriq Alternative

Oxybutynin, available as the brand-name medication Ditropan, is an antispasmodic. Sometimes, OAB symptoms occur when the bladder contracts involuntarily. Antispasmodic drugs can help calm this kind of unwanted, sudden tick quite nicely.

Oxybutynin blocks acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that often triggers involuntary bladder spasms. As a result, patients taking Ditropan or generic oxybutynin can usually plan their trips to the bathroom with much more accuracy.

In the United States, brand-name Ditropan goes for around $247.00 for 30 tablets, or about $8.20 per tablet. To save up to 90%, you can instead buy brand-name Ditropan through for around $0.60 per tablet – or approximately $50.00 for 84 tablets.

Myrbetriq vs. Oxybutynin: Fast Facts

  • Both Myrbetriq and Oxybutynin are first-line treatments, or among the first medications doctors choose for OAB.
  • Although each medication has a different mechanism of action, they both offer increased bladder control. This means that American patients can consider other attributes (like overall cost) when making their decision.
  • While Myrbetriq is only available as a brand-name drug, Oxybutynin is a generic medication. Therefore, Oxybutynin will likely always cost less than Myrbetriq.
  • Ditropan is available in its original formula and as an extended release medication.

VESIcare: A Myrbetriq Alternative That’s Very Similar – Except for the Side Effects

VESIcare (solifenacin) is an antispasmodic medication, much like Ditropan, that can help OAB patients eliminate the need for adult incontinence pads and urgent restroom visits. Patients who take VESIcare specifically report enjoying the ability to sleep through the night consistently, without the need to urinate.

The active ingredient in VESIcare, solifenacin, blocks the actions of acetylcholine. As acetylcholine triggers spontaneous bladder contractions, using VESIcare allows the bladder to hold more urine reliably and regularly.

American patients who buy VESIcare in the United States typically pay around $450.00 for 30 tablets, or around $15.00 per dose. At, you can buy 30 pills of brand-name VESIcare for around $90.00, or approximately $3.00 per dose (up to 80% savings).

Myrbetriq vs. VESIcare: Fast Facts

  • Myrbetriq and VESIcare share a list of side effects, but they each cause unique symptoms, too. For example, Myrbetriq can cause increased blood pressure, sinus pain, memory issues, and diarrhea. VESIcare can cause dry eyes, flu symptoms, heartburn, and drowsiness.
  • However, VESIcare is cheaper than Myrbetriq – if you buy it through an international or Canadian online pharmacy.

Toviaz: A Myrbetriq Alternative for Patients Under 65

Toviaz (fesoterodine fumarate) is an anticholinergic medication. Like the antispasmodic medications Ditropan and VESIcare, Toviaz blocks acetylcholine.

The types of receptors on bladder muscle walls that accept acetylcholine are called “cholinergic” receptors. When acetylcholine triggers those receptors, the bladder starts to spasm. Toviaz works by binding to those receptors, so acetylcholine can’t.

In the absence of working acetylcholine receptors, the bladder can expand and contract on a much more relaxed schedule – helping patients avoid the disruption and embarrassment that can come with OAB.

In America, a one-month supply of Toviaz costs around $437.00, or approximately $14.50 per tablet. Here, you can buy Toviaz for around $5.00 per dose, or 28 tablets for $142.00 – and up to 65% savings.

Myrbetriq vs. Toviaz: Fast Facts

  • While patients older than 65 should not use Toviaz, Myrbetriq should be safe for their use. (Check with your doctor to ensure this is the case for your unique situation.)
  • Neither Myrbetriq nor Toviaz is available as a generic, so both prices will be consistently higher.

Sanctura, or Generic Trospium: Could Be The Best Myrbetriq Alternative for Those with Liver Problems

Trospium is the active ingredient in the brand-name medication Sanctura, an antispasmodic drug frequently prescribed to treat OAB. Sanctura and generic trospium chloride work by blocking acetylcholine from triggering the bladder wall, giving the patient much more control over the bladder.

In the United States, brand-name Sanctura is very difficult to find. If your doctor doesn’t want to use generic trospium chloride, they can write a prescription so can buy brand-name Sanctura from for about $1.70 per pill, or 60 pills for approximately $100.00.

Trospium vs. Myrbetriq: Fast Facts

  • If you have liver problems, Trospium may be a safer choice for you than Myrbetriq. Myrbetriq is not recommended for patients that have severe kidney or liver disease.
  • Some patients may need to take Trospium twice per day. Myrbetriq usually only needs to be taken once.
  • Myrbetriq typically causes less drowsiness than Sanctura, which may result in a reduced risk for falls in elderly patients.
  • While taking Sanctura, patients must remain hydrated. For many, this includes avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and other antidiuretics while using this treatment regimen.
  • Sanctura is also available in an original formula and as Sanctura XR, an extended release formulation.
Myrbetriq Alternatives

Bonus Fast Fact: What About Botox for Overactive Bladder?

Botox for overactive bladder can be a very effective way to reduce urinary incontinence. But, most of the time, Botox is reserved as a last resort treatment – e.g., if medications haven’t provided consistent relief.

Pursuing Botox for overactive bladder involves an in-person doctor’s appointment, local anesthesia, and a small camera snaking up the bladder. After this prep work is complete, the Botox injections take fewer than five minutes.

Recovering from botox for overactive bladder can take far longer.

While most people can drive themselves home from the appointment, others experience side effects that can last for weeks after the procedure. These side effects can include bleeding, urinary tract infections, and an increase in the amount of urine the bladder holds after urination.

There are also distinct benefits of botox for overactive bladder. For example, patients should experience less urinary incontinence, less urgency surrounding urination, fewer necessary nighttime bathroom visits, and a significantly reduced need for urinary incontinence disposable products (e.g., pads).

However, it’s also important to realize the downsides.

Botox for overactive bladder is expensive and impermanent. It can cost hundreds of dollars for results that last perhaps seven months.

For those who would rather avoid the potential side effects or expenses of botox for overactive bladder symptoms, Myrbetriq and its alternatives can be another, perhaps more long-term, treatment option.

How to Decide Which Myrbetriq Alternative is For Me

If you’re looking at all of these options for OAB care you might wonder:

How do I choose the best Myrbetriq alternative for me?

Because these medications require prescriptions, you will need to work with your physician to determine your best medication and dosing strategy. If you haven’t already done this (or are interested in pursuing your options), you can get the most out of your appointment by gathering the following information:

  • The names of any other medications you take (including your specific dosage)
  • Any side effects that you’re experiencing from your other medications
  • Descriptions of your symptoms, as detailed as possible (for example, including dates and durations)
  • The name and location of the pharmacy you need your doctor to send the prescription to

All of this information will help your doctor know the best medication to recommend for you.

When you’re in your doctor’s office, don’t be afraid to ask about specific medications – for example, if your doctor recommends Myrbetriq and you’re interested in an alternative so you can save money or avoid specific side effects, mention that.

Even if the Myrbetriq alternative you’re interested in isn’t a great fit for you, your doctor should be able to explain why – which should put your mind at ease.

Finally, make sure that you have accurate, up-to-date information about OAB and the medications you want to explore. Know how they work, how much they cost, and what side effects they cause.

That way, you can truly advocate for yourself, your best possible health – and, of course, for your wallet.

Myrbetriq Alternatives

Buy Your Myrbetriq Alternatives for Less Through a Canadian Pharmacy

Managing your health – and the health of your family – can be stressful. Especially if you’re struggling with a chronic, painful condition like OAB that requires specific medication.

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